The 172nd TC Crow

172nd TC Logo

This story is from Jim Rose who was Staff Sargent with the 172nd Transportation Company  from 1961 - 1969. The 172nd Transportation Company was  U.S. Army Reserve Unit from Omaha, Nebraska. They were called to active duty in 1968 and trained at Ft. Lewis, WA prior to their deployment to Viet Nam. While at Ft. Lewis, they "recruited" a mascot that they simply call "The Crow". He accompanied them overseas and sat proudly in front of their unit headquarters. They painted an iconic image of him on all of their vehicles as they performed theirmission in Viet Nam.




When we went to the employee reuinon, Paul Downing the talented graphic artist and sign painter from Yard Birds, introduced us to his son Bill Downing. Bill, a former employee also, was there playing music with his band Yowza. His bandmate Eric Alton was a local resident also and had a lot of knowledge and memories about the old stores. It was clear to us that they were a big part of the Yard Birds family.



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